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Karen Cantrell
16 min readJun 19, 2024


Are you tired of tangled cords and messy cables cluttering up your desk or living space? Look no further! In this cord box roundup, we’ve gathered a collection of the best products designed to help you keep your devices organized and your cords tangle-free. From cable organizers to cord keepers, these innovative solutions will transform the way you manage your cords, making your life easier and your workspace neater.

The Top 11 Best cord boxes

  1. Weatherproof Outdoor Cord Box for Electrical Protection — Enhance your outdoor lighting and décor with weatherproof protection from hazardous elements using the SOCKiTBOX Small Black Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Cord Connection Enclosure Box for safe and dry electrical connections.
  2. Rustic Rattan Cable Management Box — Streamline your workspace with the Cantalop Handmade Cable Management Box, featuring a stylish handwoven rattan design, practical 2-entry points, and a baby- and pet-friendly design for a safer, more organized home or office.
  3. Yesesion Clear Cable Management Box with 10 Wire Ties — Organize and manage your cables and wires with ease using the Yesesion Plastic Cable Management Box, offering 8 spacious compartments and 10 wire ties for optimal storage in offices, homes, or studios.
  4. Weatherproof Connection Box for Outdoor Electrical Applications — SockitBox: Safeguard your outdoor electrical connections with its patented weatherproof design, protecting your power cords, timers, and other equipment from the elements while offering endless possibilities for various applications.
  5. Homebliss Walnut Large Cable Hider: Streamlined Cable Organizer for Cord Management and Protection — Elevate your home safety and organization with the Homebliss Walnut Large Cable Box, designed to keep cords secure, reduce clutter, and protect your family and pets.
  6. Onn. Cable Organizer — Foldable Cord Management Box in Black — Transform your space with the Onn. Cable Organizer, featuring easy installation, a customized fit, and attractive pops of color to keep your electronics tidy and modern.
  7. CordConcealer: Raceway Kit for Hidden Wires and Cables — This SimpleCord Cable Concealer offers a complete cord management kit with 150" of cable concealment, self-adhesive tape, and easy-to-follow instructions, providing easy, attractive, and durable cable management.
  8. Cordinate Cable Management Box for Space-Saving Power Strip Organization — Effortlessly organize and conceal cords for a streamlined and safe workspace with the Cordinate Cable Management Box, compatible with most power strips, extension cords, and surge protectors.
  9. Gabfu Cord Hider: Conceal Power Strips and Wire Clutter — Eliminate cable clutter with Gabfu’s power strip hide box, providing a tidy, safe, and organized environment for your home and office.
  10. Cable Box Organizer — For Surge Protectors and Under-Desk Electronics — Utility tool UT Wire In-Box Cable Management Organizing Box provides under-desk cable organization, with a removable top and fit for surge protectors, keeping your workspace tidy and stylish, achieving a satisfying 4.6-star rating on 57 reviews.
  11. UT Wire Under Desk Cable Organizer Box — Tidy up your workspace with the UT Wire In-Box Cable Management Organizing Box, featuring top flip door and side openings for easy access and ample storage for wires and power strips.

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Weatherproof Outdoor Cord Box for Electrical Protection

I recently purchased a SOCKiTBOX connection enclosure box for my outdoor electrical connections. The weatherproof design immediately stood out to me, as I’ve experienced accidental damage to temporary connections in the past from exposure to the elements. By incorporating this product into my outdoor landscape, I found it not only kept my equipment safe and dry, but it also enhanced the overall aesthetics of the area.

One feature I particularly liked was the fact that it was universally compatible, making it easy to integrate with a variety of equipment. Additionally, the product was sturdy and provided a sense of security for my valuable items. The only downside I encountered was its smaller size, which limited its practicality for some applications. However, the medium and large sizes offered more options in terms of cord management. Overall, I’m satisfied with my SOCKiTBOX purchase and would highly recommend it for anyone seeking weatherproof protection for their outdoor electrical connections.

Rustic Rattan Cable Management Box

I recently came across the Cantalop Handmade Cable Management Box, a decorative and practical solution to my tangled cables. Made of sturdy rattan-like polypropylene, it’s a great addition to any room. The open slots were perfect for hiding my TV wires and USB hubs, keeping my workspace clutter-free and visually appealing.

I love the versatility of this cable organizer, as it doubles as a shelf for my small plant and decorations. It’s compact yet holds a large capacity, fitting nicely under my desk without taking up too much space.

One impressive feature is the heat sink that’s integrated into the design. It efficiently dissipates heat, keeping the organizer cool and ensuring durable performance, even in my warm office setup.

I also appreciated the baby- and pet-proof design, giving me peace of mind knowing that my little ones and furry friends are safe from potential electrical hazards. Overall, the Cantalop Cable Management Box is a stylish and functional addition to my workspace, and I highly recommend it.

Yesesion Clear Cable Management Box with 10 Wire Ties

When I first tried using the Yesesion Plastic Cable Management Box, I was amazed at how much it transformed my office setup. With 8 compartments, this little box is the perfect solution for organizing various cords, wires, and even smaller desk accessories. The clear container allows me to quickly identify and reach the cables I need, while the included wire ties keep everything neat and tidy.

My only gripe is that it’s a bit smaller than I hoped, but for most office or home setups, it should be just right. Overall, I’m incredibly satisfied with this cable management box and highly recommend it for anyone looking to declutter their desk space.

Weatherproof Connection Box for Outdoor Electrical Applications

Sleekly designed SOCKiTBOX offers a perfect solution for all your outdoor electrical needs. This weatherproof box is perfect for safeguarding your indoor & outdoor power cords, ensuring they remain safe and dry. Its patented design allows it to protect a wide range of devices, including power strips, surge protectors, plug-in timers, and extension cords. What sets this product apart is its portability and ease of use, making it a versatile option for various applications.

SOCKiTBOX’s sturdy construction ensures it can withstand the elements, featuring a thick, durable plastic body and silicone weatherproof seal, gasket, and molding block. This guarantees a lifetime of protection for your sensitive equipment, even in harsh conditions.

The medium-sized SOCKiTBOX is perfect for handling multiple timers, extension cords, transformers, or power strips, while still providing enough space for the needs of your outdoor holiday lighting or landscape projects. Whether you’re installing lights for the front yard or working on a complex irrigation system in the back garden, this box has got you covered.

With SOCKiTBOX, you can bid farewell to the days of tedious plastic bag setups and unreliable DIY methods. Say hello to a safer, more secure outdoor electrical environment. Grab your SOCKiTBOX today and let it protect your home, garden, and valuables, giving you peace of mind and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces.

Homebliss Walnut Large Cable Hider: Streamlined Cable Organizer for Cord Management and Protection


I recently came across the Homebliss Walnut Large Cable Box, and let me tell you, it’s become a game-changer in my daily life. With two curious kids and a pet underfoot, safety is always a top concern. This cable box has been a lifesaver, keeping our electrical cords out of reach and reducing tripping accidents.

The flexible cable sleeve is a dream to work with, allowing me to unify all those pesky wires for our TV, video game consoles, and computer. It not only keeps the space around our devices neat and tidy but also makes a great addition to our home décor.

Despite its affordable price, the Homebliss Walnut Large Cable Box is 100% handmade, ensuring quality and safety. I appreciate that it’s made from electrically-safe bamboo wood, providing peace of mind for my family’s well-being.

One of my favorite features is the click-lock lid, which keeps cables secure and out of sight. Plus, the cable cutouts on all sides make plugging in and organizing super easy. Overall, this Homebliss cable box has made a significant difference in our daily life, keeping our home clutter-free and safe.

Onn. Cable Organizer — Foldable Cord Management Box in Black


The Onn. Cable Organizer is a life-saving tool for managing the chaos that often ensues in our home or office. This simple yet effective solution to cord management is the perfect example of form meeting function with style. Onn has created a product that not only keeps your space looking neat and tidy but also provides a sense of relief in the often overwhelming process of organization.

In my experience, the Cable Organizer is sturdy and holds up well against daily wear and tear. It fits easily onto a desk or shelf, and its compact design means it can be stored away when not in use. I appreciate the variety of compartments that allow for easy separation of cords and outlets, ensuring that everything remains in its place.

One drawback, however, is the size. While it is not overly large, it may be challenging to accommodate larger devices, such as power strips. Nevertheless, the Onn. Cable Organizer remains a valuable and attractive addition to any home or workspace. With its foldable design and delightful colors, finding the right organizer has never been easier.

CordConcealer: Raceway Kit for Hidden Wires and Cables


I recently had the pleasure of trying out the SimpleCord Cable Concealer. As someone who works at home and has all sorts of cords lying around, it was a welcome addition to my workspace. The kit came with six raceways and a roll of self-adhesive tape, making it easy to install and conceal cables in no time.

What stood out to me was the simplicity of the design. The raceways were adjustable, allowing me to wrap up any length of cable with ease. The adhesive tape was strong and easy to use, ensuring my cables stayed hidden from sight. However, I did notice one downside — the cable concealer kit didn’t come with any connectors to help join different cables together. This was a minor inconvenience, but it wasn’t enough to detract from the overall usefulness of the product.

The SimpleCord Cable Concealer is a great tool for anyone looking to keep their workspace or living area neat and tidy. It’s easy to install, durable, and does an excellent job of hiding unsightly cords. While it would be nice to see additional connectors included in the kit, it’s still a valuable product that I would definitely recommend.

Cordinate Cable Management Box for Space-Saving Power Strip Organization


I recently discovered the Cordinate Cable Management Box, and it has made a big difference in my workspace. This box is perfect for hiding those unsightly cords and power strips behind your desk, giving your workspace a clean and sophisticated look. The installation process is a breeze, with two built-in cord guides and an easy-to-open lid, making cable management almost enjoyable.

One thing that really stands out about the Cordinate Cable Management Box is its compatibility with most sizes of power strips, extension cords, and surge protectors. It’s incredibly user-friendly and works seamlessly with my electronics, regardless of their brand.

While it doesn’t have any major drawbacks, I would have appreciated if the box came in different colors to better match various workspaces. But overall, it’s a great solution for managing your cables and keeping your workspace looking neat and professional.

Gabfu Cord Hider: Conceal Power Strips and Wire Clutter


If you’re tired of unsightly cables cluttering your workspace or living space, this cable management box from AskLady is a great solution. It can accommodate most common power strips and is perfect for hiding and organizing your wires and cables.

The box is designed to fit neatly next to your computer or under your desk, keeping messy cables out of your sight so you can focus on what’s important. The cable organizer not only creates a healthier and safer environment by hiding cords, it also serves as a convenient storage box to stow away all your adaptors and cables.

Don’t let cables ruining your serene home or office. Get this cable management box and enjoy a tidier space.

Cable Box Organizer — For Surge Protectors and Under-Desk Electronics


I recently had the chance to use the UT Wire In-Box Cable Management Organizing Box in my daily life, and it made managing my messy cables and surge protector a breeze. The removable top and two sizeable holes allowed me to easily run wires to the surge protector, and the top flip door made it a convenient solution for keeping my cables all organized next to my computer.

One of the best features was the fact that it fits most 6–12 outlet power strips, so I could finally get rid of the tangled mess of cords and keep everything neat and tidy. The black color blended effortlessly with my desk setup, providing an attractive and functional solution for cable management. The lid fit securely and the ease of use made it simple for me to plug in and organize my wires.

However, there were a couple of minor drawbacks. First, the lid snap did not always fit as smoothly as I would have liked, but overall it stayed put and did its job. Second, the product quality felt a bit cheap, but as long as it continues to work well, I’m not too concerned about the materials. All in all, if you’re looking to keep your cables and power strips neatly organized under your desk, this cable box organizer is a great option!

UT Wire Under Desk Cable Organizer Box


I recently tried the UT Wire In-Box Cable Management Organizing Box and was pleasantly surprised by its performance. In just a few steps, I was able to hide and store my power strips and messy cables inside this box, creating a neat and tidy environment. The top flip door and side openings made it easy to adjust or reroute cords, plus plugging in and organizing wires for my various electronics.

One standout feature was its ample storage space, which allowed me to fit more wires, power strips, and cables than I thought possible. The lid fit securely and the craftsmanship was top-notch. However, I would’ve appreciated if it was a bit more narrow as it took up a significant amount of room. This box is perfect for those who prefer a spacious design but might want to be cautious about its footprint. Despite a minor flaw, this In-Box cable box organizer has made my life much more organized.

Buyer’s Guide

A cord box is an essential accessory for keeping cords and cables untangled and organized. With the plethora of devices we use today, having a well-organized cord box can greatly improve your life. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss important features to consider when choosing a cord box, along with general advice and considerations for the product category.


Consider the size of your cord box in relation to the number and size of cords you need to store. Smaller cord boxes are perfect for traveling and keeping desk clutter to a minimum, while larger ones can accommodate more cords and offer better organization options. Make sure the cord box you choose is large enough to accommodate all your cords without causing any strain or damage.


The material of the cord box can have a significant impact on its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Cord boxes made of high-quality materials like canvas, leather, or durable plastics will last longer and provide better protection for your cords. While more lightweight materials like mesh or fabric may be more budget-friendly, they may not offer the same level of protection and longevity as their sturdier counterparts.

Organization features

A good cord box should provide ample organization options for your cords. Look for features like mesh pockets, Velcro straps, or zippered compartments that allow you to easily separate and identify different cords. Some cord boxes even come with built-in cable hooks or loops to help keep everything neat and tidy.


If you need to transport your cord box frequently, portability should be a high priority. Lightweight cord boxes made of mesh or fabric can be easily carried, while leather or canvas options may be heavier and less convenient for travel. Look for handles or carrying straps to make it even easier to move your cord box around.


What is cord box?

Cord box is a specialized storage solution designed to hold and organize multiple cords or charging cables. It’s an ideal accessory for maintaining an organized and clutter-free work or living space, especially for individuals dealing with numerous electronic devices that rely on cords for charging.

The design of cord box ensures that the cords are kept in an orderly manner, which can help reduce the risk of tangling and damage. It also prevents the cords from causing hazards like tripping, making it a safe option for people of all ages and homes with busy or energetic pets and children around.

Who would benefit from using cord box?

Cord box can benefit a wide range of users. Freelancers and professionals who work from home often deal with multiple devices, and cord box can help them keep track of their charging cords and maintain an organized workspace. It’s also beneficial for students who use various electronic devices and need to manage cords in their dorm rooms or student apartments. Additionally, individuals sharing their living space with others who also use portable electronic devices can consider cord box as a shared storage solution.

Lastly, cord box can be a helpful addition to any household where a lot of portable electronic devices are in use, including tablets, smartphones, and cameras, that require regular charging. It’s particularly beneficial in families with children, where the number of cords, especially for charging devices like smartphones, can quickly turn into a chaotic mess.

What are the different types of cord box available in the market?

There are several types of cord box available in the market. The first type is made of durable materials that can withstand rough handling and are mainly used in professional settings. These cord boxes are often made from hard plastic or metal and have lids that can lock, ensuring the cords are well protected.

The second type is designed for domestic use and is typically made from softer, more aesthetically pleasing materials, such as faux leather or even mesh. These cord boxes often have a more compact design, making them more fit for bedroom or office spaces. Some cord boxes may also feature organizing features, such as compartments for labels or other identifying tags, which can help users quickly locate the cord they need.

What materials can be used to make a cord box?

Cord boxes can be made from a variety of materials, including hard plastic, metal, wood, fabric, and rubber. The choice of material depends on its intended use and design. Hard plastic or metal versions are typically more durable, and their designs can be more robust, suitable for long-term use in professional or outdoor settings. Soft materials, like fabric or rubber, are often used for cord box designs aimed at reducing clutter without causing harm to surrounding furniture or surfaces, and they can be more aesthetically pleasing.

Fabric or leather options provide flexibility but may not perform as well as hard materials in withstanding wear and tear. Metal and plastic cord boxes, however, might be a bit more rigid and robust, making them a good choice for long-term use and frequent handling. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on the user’s specific needs and preferences.

How do I choose the right cord box for my needs?

When choosing the right cord box for your needs, consider the following aspects: the number and type of cords you’ll store, the environment in which the cord box will be used, and your budget. For someone with many cords to store and a robust work environment, a hard plastic or metal cord box could be the best choice. Meanwhile, for those with a smaller number of cords and a preference for a more aesthetically pleasing design, fabric, rubber, or leather cord boxes can be a better fit.

In addition, consider any identifying features or compartments you may want. Some cord boxes may offer zippers or locks for added security, or separate compartments for different types of cords. This can be helpful for organizing your collection and quickly retrieving a specific cord when needed. Lastly, assess your budget to ensure you can find a cord box that’s both functional and within your price range.

How should I clean and maintain my cord box?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your cord box can increase its lifespan and performance. It’s recommended that you clean your cord box periodically, depending on how frequently it’s used and the environment in which it lives. For a fabric or leather cord box, avoid using water as it might damage the material. Instead, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe off any dust or debris. You can then use a mild, cleaning solution without any alcohol to clean the cord box.

For hard plastic or metal cord boxes, water should pose no problem. A damp cloth or a sponge with a mild detergent can be used to clean them. It’s always advised to avoid harsh cleaning chemicals, as these can damage the cord box’s surface and compromise the product’s longevity. Furthermore, always ensure that your cord box is completely dry before storing it away to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. This routine care will maintain your cord box’s quality and ensure it continues to manage your cords effectively.

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